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Friday, December 11, 2009

"Television is a sticky place" - Gaurav Khanna

On his birthday, Gaurav Khanna chats with Us... Gaurav Khanna wasn't expecting a celebration on his brithday. Boy! Was he in for a surprise! Source arranged for a small birthday party on his sets. Gaurav expressed his thanks and sat for a nice chat. He talks about his love for work, his lack of a lovelife and how he likes to live life freely!

Over to Gaurav...

Happy Birthday Gaurav! So what plans for today?
Thank you. As far, no plans. I'm just shooting for both my shows.

What no celebration!?
If you know me, then you'd know that I'm a workaholic. So what better way to spend your birthday than by doing what you love.But later in the week when I get an off I'll invite my friends over for dinner. I'm sure they'll understand. For the past two-three years all my birthdays have been celebrated in a similar way, on the sets working (smiles).

How has the past year been?
So far, it has been good.

Any learning experience?
For me learning is a day to day experience. Everyday is a classroom with new things to teach with new teachers everytime. Six years back I didnt think I'd be able to live alone in Mumbai. But I learnt it as the days went by. Since the past three years, I've also learnt to give interviews (laughs).

Any resolutions for the new year?
I'm a guy who likes to live life freely. So no resolutions.

Have you always wanted to be an actor?
No. I never was inclined to acting as no one in my family is in this field. I originally came to Mumbai with the intent of doing MBA and getting work experience, so that I get an edge while applying for colleges in Canada or US. However, when I was in Mumbai many ads came across my way and I just sort of thought, why not do it? So then,I talked it out with my dad. I said, if I can make 'x' amount of money in 'x' time while working in the corporate industry, let me try this field and see what's better. So it was an MBA talking to a businessman, the MBA won and the businessman is now happy!

We've heard you're very close to your parents. Tell us about your family on the whole.
Ah! how close I am! Well yesterday was my parents' 36th wedding anniversary and I've been attached to them for so long. So I'm that close! About my family, well, my dad is a retired businessman. He has a lot of experience in exporting leather footwear(smiles). My mom is a homemaker. I have an elder sister who is happily married and is now based in Lucknow.

Are you satisfied with the way your career has shaped up so far?
I am(smiles), dont you feel I should be?

Any highs or lows of living your life, that you'd like to share?
Highs, is the obvious. The recognition that you get from people all over the world. I get fan mails from fans in Norway and Finland! When people from all around the world like the work that you do, its amazing! Lows, is the fact that you dont get to spend time with your family. But I dont regret it because I'm a workaholic. But it is a low. You dont have a life. Work is your life.

Tell us about your LNMDJ experince.
Its a fantastic experience. I was never sure if wanted to do Prithvi's role. But then my creatives and producers convinced me. I think its a part of being a sagittarian. Until you get a push you never know what you're capable of doing. And thanks to the role of Prithvi, I learnt horse-riding. Working in LNMDJ is like coming to college everyday as the whole team belongs to the same age group. So its a chill-out experience for me!

You and Chandana have a great on-screen chemistry.
Yes, I give credit to Chandana. She is the daughter of a great Bengali actress and dancer, so she gets it in her genes. Chandana has taught me to be patient. At first I was a very restless actor, but she has helped me to grow patient.

All of your co-actors (Karan,Dishank,Perneet,Simran) sort of look upto you and they frankly declare it too. What do you have to say about that?
Well, they have to do it because I'm taller arent I?(laughs) Well, jokes apart, they are a great bunch. They come with the right set of values and correct background and that's why they are able to do it. But its an added responsibilty because you have to be good in every shot no matter even if you are sleepy eyed(laughs).

When you are having such a nice time, why take up another show (on Colors)?
You know many people ask me this question- why do you work in two-three shows together and I just reply them with a questions like, Why do you never question a doc when he looks after so many patients? Why do you never question a corporation when it bifurcates in another countries? Same with me. When I do two projects at once it breaks my monotony. It helps me grow as an actor.

Are you only in love with work? Not a special person?
(laughs) Well, I know its a tough job, but someones gotta be a bachelor. But on a serious note, I dont want anyone else to suffer for me. Don't want that person to get involved in my life where obviously the priority is for work. There are a lot of special girls out there. I'm waiting for someone who thinks I'm worthwhile. But I seriously dont want to get involved and then not give enough time for that person.

Message to your fans.
Thank You. Thanks to your feedback on India-forums I come to know your opinions about me. Whenever I get time I do read your comments. Because of you I have learnt how to be express my affection. You people have taught me to show love and appreciation through words. I'd never forget one of the compliments - Gaurav Khanna is an actor because he becomes the character.According to me television, is a sticky place. You do one role and you get slotted. You are stuck to that genre. But you guys have accepted me in my changing role. With every new role I've gotten appreaction and affection. I'm lucky to get that from you!
Courtesy: I-F

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