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Friday, October 9, 2009

Simran Kaur's Sweet Love Ritual

Simran Kaur aka Roshni of Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, does something quirky…in love!

Okay get this. Simran Kaur, who we all know as sunshine-girl Roshni of Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, has been fasting on every karwa chaut for nine years(including this year), in advance for her future husband…who she has absolutely no idea about!
Simran tells us, "Yes, I've been doing karwa chaut for the past eight years, and yesterday was my ninth one! I hope my tenth year turns out to be lucky (laughs) and I meet 'him'!"

She has been enduring all 'obstacles' but has never given up on her love-faith. She says, "My friends in college have bullied me royally because I do all this. But I never stopped!"

On the other hand her parents are reacting in the 'too-scared-to-face-truth' manner. Says Simran, "I think my parents have a tiny clue of what's going on. My dad asked me about the henna on my hands. I replied saying I put it because I like it and he left it at that. My mom has never questioned me about it. They both are letting me live in my own sweet world."

But this cute self-indulgence created a big hullabaloo when she visited the sets the next day. Says Simran, "People on the sets really got a shock after seeing my hands. And the production people were also worried about its effect on the continuity of scene. But since the scene was one where not much light was needed, I think the henna wasn't that obvious."

Her co-stars had a ball teasing her. "They enquired whether I'm secretly married to someone. I just replied with an 'I wish' answer!"

On a different note she gives a special message to her fans in India. She says, " I'm really happy that I'm included among the top thirty telly celebs on iIdia-fFrums. I thank my fans tons for getting me till here."

Surely, now even Simran's fans would pray that she gets 'him' pretty soon!

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