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Saturday, September 19, 2009

'I Don’t Believe in Angels' - Dishank Arora

Dishank Arora, the smart and sophisticated Varun of Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, has a smooth talk with an occasional joke that creeps up on the conversation just when you don’t expect it!

The last time you went shopping:
It was day before yesterday. I picked up a pair of sandals, they are really nice.

The languages you speak: English, Hindi and Punjabi.

Favorite breed of dog: I don't like dogs as default. However I do like puppies, all kinds of them.

So you like cats: Noooo…cats? Never. No way. Just puppies thats all.

The best way to display love: Can't say. Cause I've never been in love.

One self confessed vice of yours: My temper.

If you became invisible you would: I'll wait till I become invisible, then I'll decide. I seriously hope it happens. (Laughs)

An animated character you can relate to: None.

If not an actor you would have been: I never really thought about it because I always wanted to be an actor. And I achieve whatever I want.

Sneakers or formal shoes: To be frank, formal shoes.

Best thing about being single: I don't have to take too much tension. Like I can do whatever I want.

Do you believe in angels: Nope, not yet.

If not as Dishank who would you love to be born as: No idea.

Your name means:
There are two meanings for my name. One is- to guide a person to the right direction. The second is 'tithe'.

If you could choose the colors in a rainbow, you'd pick: Blue, green, red, orange , black (laughs) don't know how it will turn out but they'll be there anyways…umm..and white and golden.
Courtesy: I-F

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