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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gaurav Khanna, The Man of Action

Gaurav Khanna, who is an ardent fan of action sequences recently got to choreograph one such stunt scene in Star One's Love Ne Milla Di Jodi...

Gaurav Khanna, who plays the flamboyant Prithvi in Star One's Love Ne Milla Di Jodi has been a great fan of action movies since childhood. His heart craves to watch macho men like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger in action.

However, in one of the recent stunt sequences for Love Ne Milla Di Jodi, the actor got a chance to improvise and give the action sequence a more stylized look.

Says Gaurav, "It will be like giving me too much of importance if you say that I choreographed the particular action sequence (smiles). It was just that the Director Arshad did not want to incorporate the normal stunt sequence, and asked me to give my input to the scene. Since I have a very friendly equation with him, it was easy for me to break the ice. The scene came out very well, and the sequence had a very stylized form of action which was liked be all".

"I am an ardent fan of action sequences, and was happy to play a part in the execution of the sequence. We did a lot of brain storming, and my past experiences with action also helped", adds Gaurav.

The scene in particular was when, Gaurav gets attacked by Sandeep Rajora from behind, and he falls unconscious. Later, Sandeep who plays the role of Inder in the Star One show misbehaves with Damini (Chandana Sharma). This is where Gaurav aka Prithvi gets up and the fight sequence starts..

All credit to Gaurav for his improvising strokes!!

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