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Saturday, August 8, 2009

'Love is the air I breathe' - Chandana Sharm

Chandana Sharma, who plays the bold and beautiful Damini Gujral in Star One’s Love Ne Milla Di Jodi, answers a cocktail of questions tossed at her.…

Your name indicates:
Chandana in Bengali means a tiny little bird that sings sweetly.

The one person closest to your heart: My niece Sara

Your Hobbies: I read, swim and listen to music, but my most favorite hobby is to spend time with my family.

One gadget you cannot imagine life without: My cell phone

Do you believe in ghosts: Yes and no. I don't want to believe that such a scary thing exists in this world. But at the same time I don't want to foolishly feign ignorance. So I'm somewhere caught between a yes and a no.

If you were a historic character, you'd be: Jhansi ki Rani, I love her spirit!

Mamma's pet or daddy's pet: Mamma's pet actually.

Chocolates or Ice creams: Chocolates!

Love to you is: The most important thing. As important as the air I breathe. I can't live without it.

Chandana is a good actress because: She does everything from her heart, so she's a natural.

Rate in accordance of importance – freedom, happiness, peace
: Oh! All seem equally important to me. But since I have to rate them I'll put it this way- Peace, Freedom, Happiness.

The one place you wish to visit: South of France

In school your favorite subject was: English and Geography

One good and one bad thing about showbiz:
The good thing is that you get to play so many different characters. Although they all are different they bring out the one element in you with magnification. And therefore you realize you are connected to each of the role you play.

The bad thing is the very uncertain working schedule. You don't know when you'd get to go home.

A book that you'd recommend to read: The Secret.
Courtesy: IF

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