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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chandana Sharma Had A Great Fall

When shooting for a dance sequence in “Love Ne Mila Di Jodi”, Chandana Sharma had a bad fall on the sets. Chandana is somewhat hurt from the fall.

The cast and crew had loads of fun while filming the dance sequence! One funny incident took place when Chandana and her co-star Gaurav Khanna were shooting their dance number.

Chandana revealed, “I had to take a round and go towards Gaurav where he was supposed to hold me, but suddenly the timing mismatched and I found myself on the floor.”

That must have hurt real bad!!! “More than hurt, I really felt embarrassed about the situation, but such incidents do happen while shooting. Today we all have a good laugh on what happened during the shoot of the dance sequence”.

When asked about her co-star Gaurav’s reaction to the situation, Chandana

says, “He felt really bad and apologized to me, but I don’t blame him. It’s just that we miscalculated the timing”.

But for Chandana, it’s not for the first time. “This keeps on happening to me. I have this unusual tendency to fall”.

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