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Friday, August 21, 2009

Chandana Sharma get upset very easily

Chandana Sharma aka Damini of Love ne milla di jodi is very emotional and a fun loving person. She is an easy going person and that helps her to interact effortlessly with anyone and become friends.

Read on as Chandana shares her take on life, love, marriage and more.

Chandana Sharma

I am… Fun loving, compassionate and courageous.

Life is… All about ups and downs but we must have the strength to fight.

Love is… Life

Marriage is… I have not yet experienced it.

Your first crush… Was when I was in school.

Your first date… When I was in class 10, we had gone to a ice-cream parlour.

Your ideal man should be… Responsible , fun loving and should be able to take care of me.

Your dream date… Shah Rukh Khan

Your best childhood memory…When we had our summer holidays and we used to go to Kolkata where we have our relatives.

On your last birthday, what you did… I went to an orphanage and later I spent my day with family and friends.

How many places have you lived in… I am born and brought up in Mumbai.

Your long lasting friend… Rupali

Do you make friends easily… Very easily because I am an easy going person.

What kind of music do you like… It depends on my mood; I like all kinds of music like Jazz, lounge as well as Hindi music.

One thing you want to change about yourself… There are lots of things I want to change. I want to become patient, I want to learn how to hide my emotions and how not to get upset very easily.

Favourite TV show… Balika Vadhu , Friends and Mash

Favourite Bollywood actor… Shah Rukh Khan

Favourite Bollywood actress… Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra.

Favourite Hollywood actor… Brad Pitt , George Clooney and Johnny Depp

Favourite Hollywood actress… Julia Roberts

Favourite cartoon character… Donald Duck

Last movie you watched… New York

How do you rate yourself as an actor? I will leave that to the viewers.

Last time you boarded a local train… I don’t remember

Last time you were stalked… Some time back when I went to watch New York.

Last time you cried on screen… Just now

Last time you cried off screen… A week ago

Last time you cooked… Though I am a good cook I haven’t cooked since the last two months due to my hectic shooting schedule.

Philosophy of life… Life throws lots of challenges but you must have an undying spirit of not giving up.

Advice to youngsters… Do your best.

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