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Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Sujata and Ela are totally different as mothers'- Sujata Sehgal

Sujata Sehgal aka Ela Gujral of Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi talks on how differently her character and she tackle motherhood…

Sujata Sehgal who plays the domineering and solid Ela Gujral in Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi shares that in real life she is actually a very cool mother.

She says, "My character Ela Gujral is like a solid fort for her three daughters. She is very stern but that's her way of loving them. She is protective and watches out for them because she has seen the uglier side of the world. She feels it's necessary that her daughters have a shell around them or else people might just walk over them."

Sujata elaborates, "In this case, she is happy with Damini, for Damini is a carbon copy of Ela. She is completely sure that Damini will never be taken for a ride. She is very worried about Avni for Avni still thinks the world is a fairyland. Ela wants Avni to wake up from her dream.s Roshini is a very happy-go-lucky girl but Ela is not worried probably because she knows Roshini will grow up with time."

But when it comes to real life, Sujata is completely footloose. She says, "In my real life, me and my daughter Madhyama are like sisters or more like best friends. When we are together the house is on fire. We keep teasing each other, fooling around."

There is sometimes role reversal between the mother and daughter. Sujata says, "I am gifted because my daughter is truly mature. She is very understanding and at times surprises me because she gives me great advice! I feel she has been my mother in my previous life!"

Madhyama stays with her grandmother Kiran Sehgal, who is a renowned Odissi dancer, in Delhi. However Sujata makes sure Madhyama and she get to spend quality time together by proper time management.

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