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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gaurav Khanna (Prithvi of 'Love Ne Milla Di Jodi') Dons The Cowboy Look

Gaurav Khanna gets adventurous as he learns horse riding and dons a new look for his upcoming show on Star One, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi.

The handsome young lad Gaurav Khanna has come a long way from wooing the audience as the naughty Sharman in Kumkum Pyaara Sa Bandhan, and today he gets into a brand new avtar, something that he has not donned before on television!!

He will be seen playing an extremely stiff character with a cow boy look in Star One's upcoming show, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. "I have always done the fun loving chirpy characters so far, but this is one character which is totally different. Prithvi is a man of action, rather than words", avers Gaurav on his role.

The actor has undergone training in horse riding for this role. "I was so scared of horses, that when I came to know that I had to learn the art of riding a horse for the show, I did not step out of my house for six long days (smiles)".

But then he took the plunge and gathered confidence to take the lessons. "I made sure I never let my mom who is at Kanpur know that I was learning horse riding. She has always been overprotective of me, and would have never agreed if she had got to know. I finally had to break the news to her when she came down to Mumbai to spend time with me. Initially she made faces, but then had to agree (laughs)".

Revealing his playful self, Gaurav chirps, "What can I do? All the mothers in this world love me. So my mom could not be angry with me for long".

Narrating a funny incident related to his horse, the actor states, "I now know to ride a horse so well, that many in my unit once commented that the name of the show should have been 'Love Ne Mila Di Ghodi', because I love my horse a lot (smiles). Her name is Sania and few even think there is something brewing between us (laughs)".

Talking about his character he says that "I am playing Prithvi who is the eldest brother. He loves staying outdoors, and has a liking to extreme sports like paragliding. He is also into horse riding. He loves his younger brothers a lot. Basically, Prithvi is an ideal character, who dotes on his parents and brothers".

He goes on to mention the turning point of the story, "Prithvi comes across something in life because of which he has to leave his comfort zone. And it is in this situation that he realizes what its like to be in love".

Gaurav was seen earlier in Shakuntalam Telefilms' Santaan and is presently seen in Jeevan Saathi on COLORS.

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