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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chandana Sharma Exclusive Interview : Damini of Love Ne Milla Di Jodi

The anchor cum actor, Chandana Sharma is all set for her new journey with the show Love Ne Milla Di Jodi on Star One. Earlier too she was seen hosting a show Home Shanti Home on the same channel. Chandana rose to fame with her stint as Tara in Yeh Dil Chahe More and now is back with a new avatar to surprise the audience.

In an exclusive heart-to-heart conversation she talks about her new show, love life and marriage.

You are coming after a gap of a year. What you had been doing all these while?
There was nothing exciting coming to me, so I did not take any project. I didn’t want to do saas-bahu soap so I choose to stay away from dailies. There is lot of commitments in dailies and it takes lot of time too. Though in between I have hosted a show for NDTV Imagine and also did a weekly show on 9X.

What made you take up Love Ne Mila Di Jodi?
The character it’s very nice, different and I have not done something like this. I have already played some one who is bubbly but in this show it’s more dominating who is concerned about her sisters and very assertive.

out of mind… will the audience be able to gel with you in the same way as they did a year back ?
I don’t really know but hoping that they gel likes that. I don’t think like that when I take up a show and how the audience will react. But you know I am sure this will be new thing for the audience too to see me in this role.

There are many new faces in the show. How was it to work with them?
They are nice, especially both my sister are very pretty. They do lot of rehearsals and it’s nice to be with them. I also do help them when it comes to delivering the dialogues.

Any memorable incident that you remember while shooting for the show?
Every day there is a new incident as shooting with these two girls is like that. They have some or the other issues everyday like if one has problem with costume other will have it with dance. It’s an experience every day as I sort their crisis between them. These two sisters are really funny.

How is it to work with Gaurav Khanna who is your co- star in the show?
With Gaurav I have not really worked with him as such, has done only one scene but yes he is very nice person. He gives you your more space and does not talk so much and it’s good to work with them.

What kind of guy you look out for in future?
I would like someone who is more sorted. He should have lots of patience as well. Even in term of my character and real, I’m very restless and is little short tempered also. So I want somebody who is calmer and accept me in the same way as I am.

You are associated with PETA too. Tell us something about your stint in that?
Not only with PETA but I am volunteer on my own. I just pick up dogs and get them vaccinated. Whether there are birds or squirrel, last week I picked up squirrel also and taken it to the vet. When I am not working it takes my lot of time. I don’t miss shooting in this way.

What will be the next step after this for you?
I haven’t planned anything career wise. Personal life definitely it will be marriage. There is some one special in my life (Raman) but everything will be decided next year only. He has the qualities that I am looking out for my life partner. As of now I have just started with my show and want to focus on it.

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